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Guide to Business of Babysitting


NACD - National Association for Child Development

SRCD - Society for Research in Child Development

NBCDI: National Black Child Development Institute

Child Welfare Information Gateway

How to Avoid Power Struggles with Your Kids - The Edvocate

Potty Training

Potty Training Basics | BabyCenter

Potty Training Resources and Tips | PottyGenius

Potty Training Regression and Problems

Multiple Births page

Asynchronous Development page

Child Development

6 Must-Have Apps for New Parents - The Tech Edvocate

8 Ways to Motivate Your Kids - The Edvocate

New Baby Stress: 25 Coping Tips for Parents

Knowing neuroscience can make you a better parent

The Benefits of Reading to Your Newborn - The Edvocate

What do you know about child development - BabyCenter

Baby Names, Name Meanings - ThinkBabyNames

Child Stats

Child Development Resources (CDR)

Child Development

Child Care - eXtension

Birth Injury Center

Sign Language Page

Highly recommend teaching babies sign language.  Enjoyed being able to communicate with youngest grandaugher when she was real little by having her use sign language.

Questions a Development Assessment Specialist Might Ask

Inside Your Child's Mind: A Visual Guide

 Zero to Three

First Year Baby, Newborn Baby Month by Month, Parenting -- Home -- WhatToExpect

Seven keys to creating a successful baby sleep, feeding and play schedule

How to Deal with Separation Anxiety - The Edvocate

More Tips for Handling Separation Anxiety - The Edvocate

Disciplining your Kids: an Age by Age Approach - The Edvocate

Diaper Changing

How to change a diaper

How to change a diaper - Changing your newborn's diaper

How to Change a Baby's Diaper |

Play and Movement page