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Classroom and Behavior Management


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Behavior Management

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I always told students:

 "If you can't be good - don't be bad!"


Many times I suggested to administrators that any student who was suspended receive some counseling to find out why they acted the way they did.  No one ever did this.

Suspensions Don't Teach

Teacher Notes

I feel that you have to start by Building Community in Your Classroom right from day one:Building Community In The Classroom page

Classroom Rules/Expectations Develop your class rules/expectations with your students. Periodically review them.  Use it as a teaching lesson about amendments to the Constitution.  Use a similar process to add or change rules for your classroom.

One rule system: "No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well being of another student."

Make sure you let your students know that they matter.
You Matter page

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