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Dealing with Children

Photograph by Cybrary Man

Bedtime Blues

Bedtime battles

Make Your Kid's Bedtime Battle-Free

Do Gifted Children Need Less Sleep Than Other Kids?

Refusing to nap

Toddler Sleep Index

Put the Kids to Bed!

Sleep page

Parenting pages


Morning Rush

Morning School Routine Checklist

Time Management Help for Parents and Children at Internet4Classrooms



Have routines

Give notice / Use timer

Use statements, not questions

Don’t engage in power struggles

Speak calmly and quietly

Identify triggers and avoid them (if possible)

Limit T.V., videos & computer games before bedtime or in the morning (stimulates)

Introduce "soft" or classical music especially in the evening

Establish rules: e.g.: homework before dinner

Before bedtime talk – unburden day’s problems

Avoid the rush; allow enough time

Plan ahead: reduce last minute chores or choices

Prepare ahead of time: physically and emotionally

Identify transition difficulties

Problem solve