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Teacher Notes

The best thing that my first principal did when I first started teaching was have me observe a master teacher.  I learned so much from this experience.

My Teacher Mentor Patrick J. Corr Cybrary Man

I strongly recommend that you observe your fellow colleagues teach.  You can learn so much from each other.

Visiting Other Teachers' Classrooms: Seeing Life on the Other Side - Teach Better @DrMBEdmunds

Pineapple Charts page

While I was being observed by my principal only one child raised her hand to answer a question.  When I called on her she said that she had to go to the lavatory.  I then established the time-out (T) hand signal that students used when they had to go to the restroom.

For a teacher what is helpful is having a pre and post conference with your administrator. My administrators never really told us what they wanted or expected and never had pre or post conferences.  We only got an observation report.

One principal's only negative comment on one formal observation of me stated that the room did not have proper ventilation.  I thought it was funny because I was comfortable teaching in a vest.  Meanwhile try getting a temperature in a classroom that all students agreed with.


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Learning Walks

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Instructional Rounds

Certificate of Appreciation For Instructional Rounds

Thank you for inviting us into your classroom, the observers provided many positive comments about the lesson including:

High levels of student engagement in all aspects of the lesson

Clear goals and aim of lesson articulated and as absorbing hook

Supported the needs of all learners through monitoring student activity

Variety of activities and opportunities for student involvement

Friendly and positive student/teacher relationships


Walk-About Organizer - A Model of Principal Walk-abouts

Observation Tip
from Professor Tom Whitby

Tell your students to raise hands at every question.
Right hand if they know the answer. Left hand if they do not know the answer.

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