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Parents and Teachers

"Parents are a child's first teachers.
Educators and parents need to work together
to guide children to learning adventures."

"Parents are lead learners until their children take the reins of learning themselves." @cybraryman1

Parents and Technology

Teacher Notes: Invite parents in to your classroom at the beginning of the year and do a hands-on workshop with them showing them how you will be using technology in your class.  Then plan a Tech Night where the children can demonstrate how they are using technology

Change the conversation about learning with technology! @ISTE

How to Support Student Learning at Home

Family Events page

Teacher Notes: Please work with parents on having their children be responsible users of technology.

Digital Citizenship page

Digital Footprints page

Netiquette page

Parents as #Edtech Partners @kylepace

Moms with Apps

Teacher Notes: In the 1990's I taught parents in my inner city school how to use computers so they could get jobs. I started with keyboarding and then progressed to teaching them word processing and I had them learn how to set up and use databases and spreadsheets.

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Top 5 Apps for Teacher Communication

Parents and Teachers Pages




Parent Toolkit

What Teachers Want Parents to Know - The Edvocate

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Turn Parents Into Partners With @classtagme

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Parent-Teacher Communication/Conferences Page (Cybrary Man)

Remind- safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents. Free @RemindHQ

How to Find the Parent-Teacher Communication App Your Classroom Needs Emerging Education Technologies

Why Your School Needs a PTA

10 Reasons to Belong - PTA

ClassDojo Messaging ClassDojo Messaging a feature within ClassDojo's existing platform launches, enabling teachers and parents to easily and meaningfully communicate about student progress. Teachers will be able to send parents private, Direct Messages to update them about their child progress as well as message an entire group of parents with ease about class events. @ClassDojo

Parent Support Groups

My wife helped establish a Parent Center in the community where we lived.  Parents went through extensive training with the licensed Social Worker to become parent facilitators.  Some of the programs that were given: Sibling Rivalry, How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, Getting Ready for Middle School, Single Parents and Parents of Children with Special Needs...Parents and Teachers were welcome to use our Resource Library and talk to the Social Worker, Parent Facilitators and other Administrators.

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