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Programming - Coding Literacy

"Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer...
because it teaches you how to think."
Steve Jobs

#kidscancode   #hourofcode | Anybody can learn

Learn to code | Codecademy

Code Club - United Kingdom


Girls Who Code @GirlsWhoCode  

Programming - Coding Mavens


Teacher Notes: In 1968 I took a computer programming class in college on MAD - Michigan Algorithmic Decoding. Those were the days we used key punch machines to input data.

Coding Literacy

Hackterms: a dictionary of programming terms

Coding - Pinterest

Paper Coding With the Interactive Whiteboard

Visual C# .NET for Complete Beginners - a free programming course

Alice - Educational software that teaches
students computer programming in a 3D environnt



Scratch | Ho | imagine, program, share

 Hour of Code page

Why Coding Should Be a Compulsory Subject for Students – The Tech Edvocate

Why Learning to Code Is So Important for Children

Kid-Friendly Programming Languages and Resources

How to Teach Coding in Elementary Grades with @SamPatue @coolcatteacher

SCRATCHing the Surface: Trying Out Scratch – @JakeMillerTech

Black Girls Code imagine. build. create. - Black Girls Code, BlackGirlsCode, Won of Color in Technology - A Fun, Challenging, and Educational Puzzle Ga for Kids

Code Schools - Apps or Sites that help you learn to code

Coding, Robotics and the Jobs of the Future – The Tech Edvocate

iPad Apps for Learning to Code

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9 Sites That Make Programming For Kids Fun

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Google Santa Tracker - Code Lab

Student Tech Help page