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Setting Up Your Classroom

First, check with your supervisor and custodian on what the regulations are in your school about decorations and classroom configuration. Some principals only allow a certain desk formation. Some principals do not allow commercial signs and decorations.

The custodial staff will inform you about what their regulations about how to attach signs and hanging from lights, etc. Also, become familiar with the Fire Marshall Restrictions in terms of furniture, curtains, decorations, etc.

Visit other classrooms to get an idea how they are set up. Ask if you can take digital pictures of the areas you really like.

Talk with other teachers to get their suggestions.

Take graph paper and draw the dimensions of your classroom and cut out on index cards the objects you want to have in your classroom. Or use the following website:
Classroom Architect - Outline Your Classroom Floor Plan

Take digital pictures of your classroom


When school begins please involve your students in their ideas on how they want the classroom setup.  Incorporate their ideas in "their" classroom


Physically Setting Up Your Classroom

If you are allowed into your school before the beginning of the school year I would suggest bringing someone with you to help (check to see if this is allowed). This is very helpful especially if you plan to move furniture.

For security sake it is wise to have someone with you especially when the school is not in full session.

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