Cybrary Man's First Stained Glass Work

I did my first stained glass piece at Margie Murphy's Stained Glass Studio.

Margie's Method

 1. Draw pattern - make second copy to follow. Make sure to number the pieces.

2. Windex glass before tracing pieces. Always cut on flat (smooth) side.

3. Cut glass inside lines and groze with pliers.

4. Make sure no splinters are under glass.

5. Tape and seal pieces with copper foil tape.
(Cybrary Man says to be careful of sharp corners of glass!)

6. Square up pattern, flux and tack.

7. Flux piece and solder (you can always go over it to smooth it,
do not linger too long in one spot because the glass could overheat and break.

8. Solder on hooks - make hooks with copper wire - twist to make loop.

9. Clean very well with warm, soapy water
and soft steel wool to get out all of the flux.

10. Wipe off patina with any cloth.

11. Windex and buff piece - Finished!!!

Keep cutters and pliers in oil.

Never leave soldering iron on when not in use!!!!

For inside curves - walk into it with small cuts.

For circles walk around the piece with cuts.