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Finding People - Directories

Get Human
How to avoid automatic phone response

Area and Calling Codes

Area Codes, Area Code Finder, Area Code Look Up, Telephone Area Codes

International Country Calling Codes and World Time Zones

All Area Codes

Zip Codes

USPS - ZIP Code Lookup

Find ZIP Codes, ZIP Code information, ZIP Code directory, ZIP Code finder, ZIP Code listing


Bing Maps - driving directions, routes, and traffic

Google Maps

MapQuest.Com Maps, Directions and More


8 Must-Have Parental Control and Phone Monitoring Apps - The Tech Edvocate Online Yellow Pages - Phone Book - Business Directory - Phonebook

Any Who - AT&T's phone book directories

Lookup Anyone

USA People Search

Infobel - International telephone directory

Reverse Phone Directory


National Do Not Call Registry

Understanding Your Telephone Bill

How Cell Phones Work

Who's Alive and Who's Dead

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