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Cybrary Man - Parthenon - Athens, Greece

Hyper History Online

World History Archives

World History & Geography: A Guide for Teachers

Middle Ages Medieval History page

My Renaissance page

Eras in History - Africa Links

Ancient History and Culture

The Story of Africa

Explorers of Africa

AFRICA - Teacher Tools African Arts & Music Lesson Plan

Ancient Civilizations page


SS - Mr. Donn - Globalization

Globalization 101

Countries of the World page

Multicultural Celebration page

Culture page

Pictures and Art by Cybrary Man


World Geography & Culture Resource Binder @kyteacher

ICTmagic - History

World History & Geography from studentsfriend.

World Leaders

Napoleon Series

European History page

Encyclopedia of the Orient: North Africa and the Middle East

Middle East & Islamic Studies

United Nations

Model UN Preparation

MUN Made Easy: How to Get Started with Model United Nations

Model UN: How to Participate

Online Model United Nations

EUROPA - European Union website, the official EU website

European League News

The Royal Family - United Kingdom

CIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online

Center for Global Education -Asia Society

The Vikings (BBC)

The Vikings for Kids and Teachers

The Panama Canal: How it Works


British History Online

Cuba Documentation Project

Cuba Maps

Knossos Palace - Crete