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Career Ed is near and dear to me. (See: Open Doors A School-Business Partnership)
I feel career ed should be infused into all subject areas and on all grade levels.

Thrively: Kids Activities and Strength Assessment

Planning For Your Work Future
Culver Company, Inc.
Written by Cybrary Man

Teacher Notes

Have your students complete sample job application forms.  I asked companies for multiple copies of job applications for students to practice on.

Resumes and Cover Letters

The High School Resume @Thrively

CareerLab - Cover Letters

Job Applications

Jobs - Free Printable Job Application Forms - Search & Apply Online

I used to have students fill in sample job application forms to get them used to doing them correctly.


Follow-Up Letter Sample

Portfolio Generation - Create a Customized Teacher Portfolio Webpage

Portfolios page

Job-Hunting Sites

Jobs, Employers, and Job Search Resources - Job-Hunt

Indeed: One Search, All Jobs

U.S. Department of Labor

America's Job Bank

Junior Achievement

Class Jobs page

Careers in Subject Areas

Middle School Health Careers Program

*Sponsored link


Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S. Department of Labor)

Coding, Robotics and the Jobs of the Future – The Tech Edvocate

Preparation for the New World of Work @E_Sheninger

Children must be educated for the jobs of the future, here's how

4C's + page

How Peer Collaboration Technology Prepares Students for Careers | Emerging Education Technologies

5 Elements Needed to Build Motivation, Resilience, and Career Readiness in your Students - The Edvocate

(Career and Technical Education)

7 skills your child needs to survive the changing world of work| World Economic Forum

Career Prep - 21 Things4Students - 21 Things 4 Students - @REMCAssociation

FloridaShines | Colleges & Careers in Florida

Careers and Career Information - CareerOneStop

Minimum Wage Laws

Discover Your Career Skills

Skills - DIY


Career Builder

CV Writing ( is a job search info centre. Resume, CV, Cover Letter and Interview guide)

Trending Career Advice - Chicago Job

Employment Background Checks

Is Your Industry Growing or Dying?

Education World: Place-Based Education Turns Towns into Classrooms Work

Open Doors

A School-Business Partnership

Cybrary Man wrote career education curriculum for Open Doors in New York City in the 1970's and 1980's.  This organization helped the students in the New York City schools learn about the econo, what makes the city function and what possibilities exist for them. 

Open Doors encouraged businesses to open their doors to students through company tours, speakers, part-time jobs, internships, the loan of transportation for class trips, and any other approach that broke down the isolation of schools.

wife was in charge of the very successful “Lawyers in the Classroom Program.” This program not only had lawyers speak to students but provided trips to the court system.  Cybrary Man is grateful to Open Doors for starting his writing career.

School-Business Partnership page

When I was asked to be a featured presenter at a conference in Atlanta, Georgia a former student found out I was going to be there and said he wanted to take my wife out to dinner.  He and his wife picked us up and at dinner he stated that he had appreciated what I had done for him and wanted to thank me.  When I taught him in eighth grade I had told him he would either be a politician or a lawyer.  Today, he is a successful attorney.  He reminded me that I had helped him get into the A Better Chance Program which provided him with a great education in Massachusetts far from the inner city where he grew up and I taught.