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My Library

Teacher Notes:

I feel terrible that I worked in an era before digital cameras or cell phones as I did not capture all of the things that I did in my school library to recognize the students and make it a true learning environment.  On this page I have just a few pictures that I had taken to illustrate what I did.

My favorite Library Bulletin Board that was in the hallway right outside the library.  Note the sign: We are Open 24 hours which gave the URL of my library site which became this website after I retired.

Email page

My all-time favorite Library Squad - They all went to college!
East New York - where I taught!

How I organized and ran my school library

Excerpts of some letters I received

The complete renovation of the book shelves and the reference section; the excellent periodical section; the health careers and paperback sections; the author of the month display -- all combine to make your library a revitalized resource unit for student-centered learning activities. Undoubtedly, the creativity, concern, enthusiasm and professional competence of Jerry Blumengarten will make your library a vital adjunct to your school's daily instructional program. (Leon Weisman - Language Arts Coordinator - District 19)

"I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the fine job you are doing with the library facility at I.S. #218. Your exceptional program was like an oasis in the desert. Keep up the good work..." (Michael G. Fischer - Associate - State Education Department)

Librarian Websites page

Library and Librarian Blogs & Sites page


My vision for the school library when I took it over was it to be the focal point of the school.  I wanted students who entered to have an enjoyable learning environment.  Each month when you walked into the library you celebrated that month's important holidays and events.

I had a map of the world that showed the countries that the staff and students had come from.  I also had the flags of these countries prominently posted. 

I celebrated our former graduates and their accomplishments.  One former grad was the World's Heavyweight Boxing Champion, another was an author.

Each marking quarter I posted all the members of the honor roll and left them up throughout the school year.  The students enjoyed seeing their names posted and others strived to get their names listed.

Every achievement such as participants in district Science, Spelling, Math competitions was posted.

The names of the Student Council, PTA were also shown.

Teaching Notes: My Monthly Calendar
For each month I made a monthly calendar on a large poster board. For each day I found an important personís birthday or important event. I used these posters each year. Without even realizing it I had created a multicultural calendar of famous people and events.

Calendars & Holidays page

Multicultural Celebration page

A year before I retired we got a grant to redo the entire library. 

Excerpts of some letters I received

"Thank you so much for hosting our Middle School Librarians meeting in your library. We are grateful to you for allowing us to have the pleasure of experiencing a library that is being used for just what a library is intended to do. Your library is conducive to reading, relaxing, concentrating and getting away from the "hum-drum" of life itself. I am extremely happy to see how well your library is being utilized, not only by the children of I.S. 218, but by the staff, parents, principal and visitors..." (Dorothy E. Mathison, Ed.D. Director of CA/SS & Libraries - District 19)

"Just a short note to personally thank you for all your efforts in helping to make Friday's visit by the Deputy Superintendent and her staff a successful one. As always, it is a pleasure to hold a conference in your library. Aside from the fact that it is possibly the best Middle School library in Brooklyn, you have made the space very warm and inviting. Thanks also for your presentation to the principals and facilitators on how you have managed to use technology to its fullest in supplying teachers and students with the most current information available on the Web. I apologize for having usurped the time from our students who use the library on a regular basis." (Ron Attivissimo - Principal - Sinnott Magnet School)