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Substitute Teaching
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Cybrary Man started his teaching career as a day to day substitute.  He was very busy because there were a lot of teacher absences in the first school he taught at.  In fact from the first day he started subbing in February he worked very day through June. He also had to have lessons for all subject areas as most of the teachers he covered for did not leave lesson plans (East New York Brooklyn)

He enjoyed filling in for long term absences.  Once he gained a reputation as someone who could teach any subject when an opening became available he was hired.

You have to become very organized when you are a substitute teacher.  Be prepared with supplies (paper, pens...).

In the other three schools I worked in we had a lot of teacher absences.  One school averaged ten teachers out a day! Since we could not get subs as they were afraid to work in that dangerous neighborhood teachers got paid to cover classes ("blood money") we had to be prepared to take over classes in all subject areas for our absent colleagues.

I used to get to school at 6:00am to answer the telephone and then start figuring out how to cover all the classes for absent teachers. Luckily staff like me volunteered for coverages. Unfortunately since the high number of absences we had to give other teachers coverages as well to cover all the classes.

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